got caught this morning

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so there i was laying on the couch talking on the phone to a very hot guy from here about some wicked taboo this morning, nothing but sex on my mind. my fav toy and my fav taboo friend really getting me worked up, when my daughters bedroom door opens(it opens into the living room) still had on some clothes though. my rabbit eared bullett zinging in my crotch, and a hotter than hell chat going on . BUSTED!! my first reaction was to throw my toy between me and the couch, still buzzing happily away, so she wouldnt see it. i know she did though. and heard it too im sure. i tried to play it off, and i was so desperately close to cumming. she had no reaction that i could see but i know she saw something that i can fuck my wife. then she told me she had been up in there for thirty minutes or so. my walls are paper thin. she had to have heard someting too. my second reaction was to feel her out and see how she felt about what she saw. she called her bf to come get her,lol and left me alone, still fuckin horny and needing to get off even more now! had to share this with ya’ll

Hello Married Men

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First of all I want to let all married men, to understand that just because I say in my profile that I want someone who’s honest doesn’t mean just because you tell ME that your married isn’t what I mean in being honest not that I don’t appetite you tell me your married it’s being a honest person all together, because in my eyes if your married then you shouldn’t even be on this site that’s just my own opinion. My profile at Adult Sex date site. If your marriage is so bad that you feel you need to meet with someone else for sex, then your not the honest person that i even want to meet. Being Honest is just that. Inside and Outside. so I only want to meet single men please thank you.

Do you think a forever kind of relationship can be found here

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How does one find that forever person? Is it by accident? As much as I love sex, I’d love to find that person who shares my dirty mind and perverted ideas, and settle down with them. I worry that finding people outside of here would leave them scared by my sexuality, my dirty mind, etc. My high school friend, I feel pretty sure she was interested, but I think she was intimidated by my sexual history. She is apparently dating some boring looking old fella now, looks to be about 10-15 years older. I wasn’t really physically attracted to her, so I never pursued it. She’s really religious, and even talking about the soft-core stuff on Cinemax seemed to offend her.
I started first with the big match Free iPhone Porn site when I was first single, even before the divorce. I found a lot of screwed up people, a whole lot of apparent gold-diggers. Plenty of women who were happy to have dinner on my credit card, and weren’t afraid to order appetizers, meal, expensive drinks, dessert, and doggie bag a lot of it to go home. Happened quite a few times in Atlanta.
Is forever possible in this day and age for those of us who are sexually liberated? If so, where do we find these people? I see plenty of female bloggers that meet the standard, but they don’t live here.

Another day in paradise.

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Why blog?
I am on the ragged edge. I often don’t know if I should laugh or cry, quietly commit suicide or go postal and take some of ya all with me. Relax I’m just venting that’s what this is all about I need to get a few things off my chest to have someone to talk to even if none of you answer. I’ll just scream into the abyss.
I am mid-forties married with three kids and own my own company I guess you would say I am moderately successful. I don’t owe much money, certainly nothing unmanageable. My kids are wonderful people and cause me no headaches. I love my wife and infidelity has not kissed our union. I was fortunate when I met my partner he always carried his weight and some of mine when necessary, and came to be my best and most loyal friend.
Whats the problem?
My wife is dying of a terrible disease and my partner/best friend, the only one I talked to about my wife,died suddenly.
My life is one painful step after another.
I go see my wife at the hospital and watch her wither away.
I have seen my kids forced to suddenly grow up, their childhood stolen.
Through it all I have no one to talk to.
WHAT THE FUCK, I PAID MY TAXES, I GAVE TO THOSE IN NEED AND I KEPT MY FUCKIN DICK IN MY PANTS. Why is this happening to us? I am the only guy in my “circle of friends” that never talked about divorcing his wife or killing her. Why does she have to go?
I swear to god if anyone says “God works in mysterious ways…. or everything works together for good” I will find a way to make them suffer.
aaaaaaahhhhhh….is there anybody out there?

You want to know how *I’m* doing?

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You want to know how I’m doing? After all this time, you send me an e-mail to ask how I’m doing? Do you deserve to know? Yes, that’s a little bit of outrage mixed with a heap of hurt topped off with a deeply wounded ego.
Let’s see. How do I answer that? I could say, “I’m doing GREAT!’ and leave it at that.
I could give you the daily minutiae that hasn’t changed too much except for my location these days.
I could tell you that after you left, I couldn’t get out of bed for nearly a week. I cried–no sobbed–daily after the kids went to school and I knew no one was around to see or hear me. When I’d finally get up, I went to get cigarettes and smoked a pack a day while staring at my computer screen for hours, hoping that an e-mail from you would arrive. It didn’t. I logged on to Adult Friendfinder mobile version a kajillion times a day to see if you would log on. You didn’t.

fucking massage

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date sexThings…are….going…..pfffff….it’s getting a little hard right now. There are more tears than I anticpated there would be. In the end it will be ok. this I know…it’s just the getting there….it’s starting to fucking suck.
Right now I want to hole up away from everything for a few days and be treated. I want a professional massage, I want a big tub to soak in. And a decent meal wouldn’t hurt right now either!
Mostly though I just want a cuddle. I want that touch from someone who care about me that wants to spend the time with me. Oh…I know I will get sometime…when this is all said and done…but I just want it now…

about me

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50 SHADES OF GREY;from find sex. is much more than erotica,its about a way of life,a life I for one have craved since I picked the book up,I”m submissive,i miss the chains,gags,spiked paddles,and still carry my fetish for masks,i miss my collar,i am hoping sir takes me serious this time,I know there are trained masters out there,I’ve had one and this next one,ill take the years to be a trained sub for my master,I miss having to give my self away,wholehearted,no turning back,please give me a chance with a proper master as Ive been blessed once,and have asked my master in the uk to take me as his sub again..its not all about sex, its the control that even tho he is far away,if i masturbate against his will,punishment is guarrenteed,I am a true sub and i am ok with that,at peace within myself..

Married Women who just want to be fucked

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It’s a fact, more than 78% of women are cheaters. Click here and fuck discreet married women today. Join now.”
OK, 78% of women are cheaters, really! Damn that is so disheartening to know. But hey, if I click here I’ll get to fuck one of them TODAY! I hate to admit it but I clicked on this one once. I am in the market for an NSA arrangement. It can’t get any more NSA than if your partner is already in a strings attached arrangement. The site is, “” kind of. When I got there it was actually a copy of Adult Sex Dating. Same members, same profiles, except now they are being marketed differently. Something smells fishy in Denmark and it’s not that unwashed pussy you hooked up with last week.
The same site has another ad that is prominent in internet ad blocks….

Internet dating and the dangers

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I have been on this site and one other one for almost a year, and there is one thing that I have learned Don’t believe everything that you see. I found out within the first week of my experience in the internet dating pool, just clicking here, that some people just would rather try to take you for what they can get. Here’s an example, a person contacts you and says they are interested their profile says that they are in the states, then when you message them back the first thing they ask you for is your messanger address. Now you don’t know this person from adam and they already want to talk to you on your messanger. So you go ahead give them your messanger address and they message you. They start giving you how they really want a relationship yada yada yada. Then they say oh and yes i am from this town and this state but right now they are in Nigeria or someplace in africa working.
Here’s the scam, they talk to you enough say like a week or so then after they feel they have smoothed talked you enough and that you might possibly be in love with them, they say that had a catastrophe and need money to get home. Don’t you love it, doesn’t it make you feel so safe dating on the net. I didn’t fall into the trap but you know it just makes me think why is there internet dating if they can’t screen for jerks like this. Playing on peoples emotions is wrong no matter what, so why do it. It’s like some assh*** is sitting at home in africa one day and says hey I know what I can do I can scam some lonely schmuck out of their money.
ok well that is my rant for the day have a good one everyone.

Like finding a whole new site

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So I have been a member off an on of Adult Dating bout seven years, and it was just by chance that Friday I stumbled upon the blogging section. Yes, I know, there is the big “Blogs” button right at the top, but honestly, like most men, I usually am captivated by the pictures on the homepage (lmfao, I know that makes me sound like some sort of Neanderthal drooling over boobie pictures).
I just can’t get over how different the site seems now that I’ve started reading the blogs. Instead of being drawn in by naked pictures, I’m now more interested in skipping along to see what other people are writing and reading – almost like intellectual voyeurism.
Isn’t it odd how such a small discovery can completely change one’s perspective?

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